About Us

We provide comprehensive IT support to businesses in Bournemouth – with a focus on security.

Why Our Clients Stay with Us


We Specialize In Putting Our Clients’ Worries At Ease.

We can teach anyone to manage business technology, but you can’t teach good personality. We’re on a mission to squash the stereotypical image of the rude, condescending IT person. That’s why our golden rule in hiring is that everyone has to be nice. Plain and simple.


We Don’t Create Problems To Squeeze Pennies.

At Rootwire, we’re not aggressive salespeople selling unnecessary boxes of goods – we’re techies trained to minimize problems. Our clients pay a flat, predictable monthly rate. No tricky add-ons, no hidden fees, no freak-outs.


We Don’t Give Our Clients Jargon-Laced Lectures.

Some MSPs push sales by intentionally talking over their clients’ heads with a condescending demeanor. We don’t expect our clients to be IT experts – otherwise, they wouldn’t hire us. Rootwire doesn’t want any mysteries or fuzziness in the service we provide, and the value it adds.


We’re Always Available For Clients.

Clients should never have to wait around for answers from their MSP. Rootwire delivers “Direct to Tech” service – meaning clients get fast, direct access to our technicians, even if they wake up in a cold sweat at 3 in the morning.


We Work Proactively To Solve Issues – So Clients Don’t Experience Interruptions.

Security-First IT is about more than just cyber threats – it’s about avoiding hiccups that compromise revenue. That’s why we work with foresight to tackle issues at the seed before they grow into disruptive problems.


We’ve Got A Proven IT Formula To Help Clients Grow.

Our IT plans are crafted to be flexible and adapt to how each client matures. IT should never be a roadblock – it needs to be a vehicle.

Our Core Values

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, security stands as the cornerstone of trust, reliability, and sustainability. At Rootwire, we prioritize a security-first approach in everything we do, aiming to safeguard our clients' systems and data.

Security-First IT Equals 
Undisturbed Productivity

A million things can disrupt business productivity – security problems are the most severe. Our number one goal is to take security concerns off your radar, so you can do your best work uninterrupted.

Your Challenges Are Unique

Every business is different – different people, different processes, different requirements. That’s why we don’t base our work 
on assumptions. Every IT plan starts with an in-depth roadmap strategy session.

Our Value is Your Scalability

If an IT plan isn’t making business growth, it’s not doing you any good. Scalability is the core of every Security-First IT strategy we create. Your success is our success.

“Hindsight IT” is Not IT

Businesses can no longer rely on break-fix IT models. Using technology to improve daily operations is about anticipating problems and solving them before they wreak havoc.

The Rootwire Way

Giving You the Peace of Mind You Deserve

The mark of exceptional IT management is you’re never stressed about technology. Since day one, Rootwire is motivated by seeing clients do what they do best, without interruptions and technical difficulties.

We approach every IT plan like a puzzle. Step one is understanding the big picture – then creating a top-to-bottom roadmap to turn business technology into an engine for better outcomes. Our mindset is simple: if we’re not helping our clients improve productivity, we’re not doing our job.

The Rootwire Backstory

We started Rootwire at a time when concerns of ransomware and data breaches were at an all-time high. Many businesses were living in fear and struggling to manage daily operations. We set out to change this reality for companies in South-West England.

Our goal is to help clients grow their businesses – and most importantly, rest easy knowing they are safe from security meltdowns. Rootwire clients deserve to approach every day with confidence in their IT strategy and the team who supports them.